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tv   12 News This Morning at 530  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:30am-6:01am CDT

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how the community is coming together to move past the unrest. melinda: and a fatal shooting right outside a milwaukee police station. the investigation going on this morning. what we're learning about this bazaar crime. ben: and showers moving through southeastern wisconsin this morning. you might want to grab an umbrella before heading out the door. we will tell you when you'll need it. good morning, everybody, and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i am ben wagner. melinda: and i am melinda davenport. it's 6:30 on thri let's start with the forecast. meteorologist jeremy nelson is in the weather center. jeremy: thank you so much for joining us on 12 news this morning. overnight, a couple of showers move through southeastern wisconsin. all that is left at the moment is in washington and was lucky counties -- and mazzocchi counties. these are torrential downpours
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beaver dam also could the a thunderstorm as we go through this morning. it will be mild and muggy. we are in the upper 60's to mid 70's, 75 downtown milwaukee, these in waukesha. and where it is raining right now, 67 in the wisconsin dells. bring the on bella -- bring the umbrella with. highs will top out near 90. this is probably one of our last 90's that we see in au. forecast, but first, nasa let me -- matt salemme is in news chopper 12. matt: i am driving along 41 right now, and things are moving along nicely at this point. if you get ready to head out yourself, things are moving quietly. you travel times -- 14 minutes
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that is a look at the morning commute. back to you. ben: all right, matt. a traffic alert -- this weekend, i-94 will be closed at the zoo interchange. it shuts down at 11:00 tonight and reopens early sunday morning. the ramps from 894 and 41 are closing, too. this is 94 eastbound. crews will be installing tub girders this weekend, the next step in the construction project. greenfield avenue is the best bet to get around it. tim? tim: following breaking news, one man in the hospital after a shooting in downtown milwaukee. a man was shot on the street near old world third and wells. he flagged down a police officer. he is expected to survive. police say the suspect ran from the scene. representatives from the hotel say to lock the doors to make
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then, back to you. ben: also, searching for information on what led up to a fatal shooting right outside the doors of a police station. police say two men got into an argument outside of district six headquarters near 27th and oklahoma. one man reportedly shot and killed the other. it is not clear if they knew each other right now. police say the suspect then walked into district six, told officers about the shooting, and handed over the gun. melinda: now, continued coverage of the unrest in milwaukee. people in sherman park are working to pick up the pieces. tim, what's next? tim: yes, i was out there yesterday watching as people start on the street. a sad sight to see. right now, crews are working to demolish the businesses that were burned during the unrest. here is the scene on saturday when fires broke out at eight businesses near sherman and burleigh. this bp gas station had the most damage -- it burned to the ground. yesterday, we saw those atf agents sifting through the rubble for evidence. crews are working to clear the
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and an o'reilly auto parts that was badly damaged. the atf will help investigators collect the key evidence about how the fire started. then, back over to you. ben: people from across milwaukee coming together after the unrest over the weekend. last night, hundreds of people gathered for a prayer vigil. the milwaukee archdiocese organized the service to pray for peace in the city. in the lindsey heights neighborhood -- a march for peace. about 50 people participated. violence began in sherman park. and a group of chaplains, trained for crisis situations, are offering counseling to the family of sylville smith, killed in a police shooting, and to hundreds of other people in milwaukee. they traveled from north carolina to offer spiritual help. melinda: two attorneys who were part of the "making a murderer" trial are speaking on the criminal justice system later today. dean strang and jerry buting are
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discussion on challenges facing the justice system. it is part of "forwardfest" -- happening today in madison. strang and buting were defense attorneys for steven avery. the murder trial was documented in netflix's smash hit series, "making a murderer." ben: later today, helping your kids stay healthy when they head back to school. milwaukee is holding its first back-to-school health fair of the year. this fair runs from 10:00 until 3:00 at north division high school. there will be vaccinations, lead testing, vision and dental screenings, along with haircuts for students. ki new from overnight, did you see the storms? here is a time lapse taken right here at the wisn 12 news studios. lightning lit up the sky late last night as storms hit southwest of milwaukee. 5:35 now. still ahead, a town goes low-tech to keep their lawn tidy. melinda: why sheep make the perfect lawnmowers for this town in illinois. ben: and a family hurt when lightning strikes.
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causing serious issues for them. melinda: but first, let's take a live look outside as we head to break. it is a little cloudy in this spot. meteorologist jeremy nelson and weatherwatch 12 on when you need the umbra lie and when you can put it away. that is in -- the umbrella and when you can put it away. it is friday. >> take a twitter timeout and connect with the wisn 12 news
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jeremy: good friday morning. 5:39. this morning. a little sliver of the horizon off to the east. otherwise, mainly cloudy skies. let's focus in on the radar network. you can keep on umbrella on standby, but early this morning, there is not a whole lot of rain to go around your to sprinkles ron fort washington here to cedarburg also had a light rain shower.
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beaver dam, others. it is a touch on the muggy side theater dew points dropped a bit overnight. those will start to wrap up as we go from morning into the afternoon or you want the fan and ac on because look at these high temperatures today. almost july-like, even know we are through some of the waning days of august. 90 in milwaukee, 89 westen and before 9:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m., it drops this afternoon. it looks dry in most locations. we will talk about your forecast coming up. ben: all right, jeremy. a texas family falls victim to a lightning strike -- on their patio. melinda: they were unloading groceries when lightning hit their car and bounced onto them. the video is a little choppy, but you can see the lightning bolt, and then the family ends up on the ground. they are all okay -- just some
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a clerk trap they would be thief. ben: he trapped him inside here he sneak doubt of the back, locked it, went to the front of the business, and pulled down a security gate. about 20 minutes later, the suspects were able to break out using a toolbox in the store. police had still not arrived in the scene. 20 minutes later -- melinda: yikes. 12 news time in the newsroom. ben: he is following some big stories from around the world. tim: wildfires raging in california. the blue caught fire -- the blue cut fire burning red-hot. firefighters are trying to get the flames under control. plus, is ryan lochte a liar? why police in brazil say they are not victims of a robbery --
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>> leading the way with important local coverage, you are watching wisn 12 news this morning with melinda davenport, ben wagner, and tim elliott in
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news this morning. it's 5:44 on this friday, august 19th. i am with jeremy nelson. it was a little wet waking up this morning. how does irish fest look later today? jeremy: early, it should be ok. maybe once we arrive to 7:00, to 9:00 p.m., a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. early this morning, as you head a couple of spots with damp pavement. northwest, heavy downpours streaming through southwestern and central wisconsin, trying to scoot off to the east. they could arrive in find lock and dodge county spirit we will keep a close eye on that. someone who will have a birds eye view is matt salemme. matt: the pavement is still dry on my way. getting ready to head out, you
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mazzocchi county south. you will not run into any resistance out there. things are moving smoothly. travel times are great, a five-minute ride. i will jump in the news helicopter coming up in just a bit. ben, melinda, back to you. melinda: matt, thank you. right now, wildfires are scorching california. here's wisn 12 news' tim elliott with details on one of the biggest fires, tim? tim: it's called the blue cut fire, and since tuesday, it's burned more than 35,000 acres. this is burning near san bernardino. some mandatory evacuations are still in place -- others have been lifted. officials estimate that nearly 83,000 people were ordered to evacuate. more than 1500 firefighters have been working to contain the fire. as of last night, the blue cut fire is about 22% contained. california's governor has issued a state of emergency for the
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started this fire. ben, over to you. ben: all right, tim. an update on the orlando nightclub shooting -- doctors say the last victim who remains in the hospital has improved slightly. the patient had been in critical condition since the shooting on june 12th. now, that person's condition is one step up at guarded. the name of the patient has not been released. 49 people were killed in the shooting, and more than 50 others were hurt. melinda: right now, people in louisiana are struggling to clean up after devastating floods. the water is still high in some areas. around 40,000 homes have been damaged. but as neighborhoods start to dry out, the water is entering lakes, which are rising. near baton rouge, one lake is in danger of rising so much that it could flood homes again. ben: the red cross expects the flooding in louisiana to be its largest and most costly disaster response since superstorm sandy in 2012. the storms impacted more than 75,000 people in louisiana. many who lost their houses are
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shelters. but that requires manpower, and costs a lot of money. i talked to the head of the red cross to find out how you can help. with some of the flooding going on in louisiana, what can some of us watching at home due to help out? >> first of all, we can always use volunteers. i just met a brand-new volunteer excited to be a part of this deployment. we could really use financial support as well. ben: here's how you can help, you can call to donate, the number is 1-800-red-cross. you can also text "la-floods" to 90999 to make a $10 donation. there is more information on the red cross website. 5:48 now. today is day two of irish fest at milwaukee's lakefront.
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is that henry maier festival park. there is food, music, dancing, and activities like hurling. the irish sport is known as a game of over 200 skills. it kind of resembles field hockey, but players say it's much more intense. >> it is a great workout. it's a great way to meet people. the team building, the camaraderie is second to none. we have a saying among a few of us. that once you commit to hurling, there is no going back to lesser sports. ben: wow. "no going back to lesser sports." the hurling club will have professionals on hand all weekend. today only, you can get in to irish fest for $10. that is half off normal adult admission. kids 12 and under are free. melinda: a town in illinois getting creative with their lawn care. instead of paying someone to mow their lawns, they let these sheep roam. they eat grass and weeds in the town of waterloo. it is better, they say, for the budget and the environment. the mayor says they have been using the sheep for about 20 years.
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better for the budget and the environment because that crosses one more chore off of their list. melinda: i love it. jeremy: sheep, cows, all of those animals probably at the dodge county fair. that has been going on since wednesday. check out this evening, melinda. melinda: "every rose has its thorn." jeremy: hair bands nation on this muggy day may have frizzy hair heading out. melinda: that is perfect. jeremy: big hair, don't care, right? temperatures as afternoon around beaver dam probably at 87 degrees. could be a spotty showers or thunderstorm that could come in this evening. operation football, you see all the high school highlights this evening right here on wisn 12. high school games will kickoff. bring an umbrella with, a
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hopefully, the rain can stay away during the kickoff of the high school season. not a lot in southeast wisconsin. we had a couple spotty, light showers. most of the activity is near and north of madison. look at these thunderstorms. these are active clouds within the last 10, 15 minutes. they are trying to push in east, they start to weaken. fond du lac, dodge county, you stand best chance most of this late morning, afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds. primarily drive. heading out your favorite festival, fair, or high school game, i think it is dry initially, and then we see a couple of showers and storms try to roll through between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. more develop overnight. saturday is not a washout, but there will be on and off showers and thunderstorms early at any during the day. if you have outdoor plans, make
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air when you step out the door sunday morning. it will be such a drastic change in a change that many will welcome. it will nudge temperatures up a little bit next week with highs in the middle 80's on sunday, melinda. melinda: all right, jeremy, thank you so much. a mystery unfolding in rio de janeiro involving olympic athletes. tim, what are we learning about the so-called crimes? tim: this blew up. at first, it seemed that four american swimmers were the victims. now, police in brazil say they four swimmers, including ryan lochte, claimed they had been robbed at gunpoint. now police say the athletes were drunk, and they vandalized a gas station, then made up the robbery as a cover story. but it may not be that simple. sources say the swimmers really believed they were being robbed, because security guards held them at gunpoint, and would not let them leave until they paid for the damage. now this morning, two of the swimmers are on their way home
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melinda, back to you. melinda: the olympics wrap up this weekend in rio. watching the world's top athletes has pushed people around the world to get active. but the people in rio didn't need the olympics to get inspired. deirdre fitzpatrick is at olympic park where the locals are as inspiring as the olympians. deirdre: melinda, get ready to feel like a slacker. these brazilians are obsessed with working out and the world's if there's one thing you can say about the olympic host city -- brazilians do not suffer from a lack of confidence do they? andy: no. no. that i can say. deirdre: everywhere you look -- or try not to look -- there's more working out than hanging
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andy thomas' visits to the in-laws are a test of endurance in more ways than one. andy: my wife is from brazil. i come here three times a year, and this is typical brazil. all the time in rio. deirdre: even american olympians are impressed. miles: everybody out here is super active. running. everybody here is super into being energetic and looks great. alexander: they like to wear not a lot of clothing here so. deirdre: you will find these workout stations scattered all over the beach. no body part you cannot hit. i do not know what this thing is , but i'm pretty sure i saw it on an infomercial late at night. andy: it is about enjoying life. it is not all about work. it is very brali that is why we are all out here having a great time. alexander: you do not necessarily see that in the states. so it's cool to see people taking advantage of what they've got. deirdre: and what they have? let me see your muscle. oh, yeah, look at that. it is working. brazil is as obsessed with beauty as it is fitness. it is ranked second in the world for plastic surgery, right behind the u.s. at the real olympics, deirdre
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melinda: right now, it is winter in rio. temperatures have averaged in the high 70's. so olympic visitors have no excuse to skip exercising during the games. ben: at the beach, you have got to look good, right? melinda: donald trump sharing his one regret ahead of a visit to louisiana. ben: why he and his running mate are heading there in the middle of a flooding disaster. and how the federal government is responding to the crisis there. melinda: and a swimmer taking on a tough challenge -- swimming across lake michigan.
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they are available right now online and in-stores. hundreds of items are on sale. the deal ends at 10:59 tomorrow night. ben: and today is the day -- we told you about this yesterday. 7-eleven's bring your own cup day is back starting at 11:00 this morning. just bring in whatever container you want -- if you have got a jar, a bucket -- melinda: a gas tank. ben: if it fits, you can fill it up. melinda: though. the gas tank thing. [laughter] ben: gas can. wisn 12 news time is 5:59. >> you are watching wisn 12 news. honored by the wisconsin broadcasters association as station of the year. wisn 12 news this morning starts right now. ben: good morning, and welcome to wisn 12 news this morning. i am ben wagner.
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it is 6:00 on this thursday, august 19th. a shooting in downtown milwaukee. we have the latest details on the police investigation. ben: and demanding answers into a deadly officer-involved shooting that sparked days of unrest. the information the wisconsin department of justice is looking for. we also want to get a check of the morning commute and your friday forecast. melinda: matt salemme is on deck, but first, let's check in with meteorologist jeremy nelson. jeremy: tgif, everyone. thanks for joining us on wisn 12 news rain is primarily in our northern counties, especially northwestern dodge county. steady rain approaching the beaver dam area. look at thunderstorms just off to the west. those may arise across fond du lac and dodge county, if you live in beaver dam, you will need the umbrella right now. 6:41, fond du lac shortly after 7:00 a.m.


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